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Celebrate Pride Worldwide in These 5 Destinations

Travel insights from Taylor Coulson, contributing editor of The Compass.

Rainbow flags wave high and proud every June and 2019 was an especially important year, as it was the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising in Greenwich Village, New York. Parades, marches, parties and festivals are traditional emblems for celebrating equality and uniting under love. Celebrate pride worldwide in these five destinations.

1. WorldPride in NYC

Celebrate the world’s largest pride festival, WorldPride, in the Big Apple every day in June. Th

is year, NYC is hosting the first U.S.-based WorldPride event, dubbed Stonewall50. The party starts way before the iconic Pride March on June 30 this year, with rooftop parties, family-friendly movie nights, street fairs, Youth Pride, and human rights conferences in addition to the Stonewall 50th anniversary commemoration. Join the three million expected attendees and experience more than 50 events that celebrate equality and liberation.

2. Pride Toronto

Raids and protests led to what some call “Canada’s Stonewall” in the 1980s. Nowadays, their annual pride parade draws attention to transgender rights more specifically. Leading up to it this year on June 23, community events keep the crowd excited, like Pride Float with Surf the Greats, an outdoor event that celebrates diversity; Proud & Funny, a comedy show put on by Toronto’s LGBTQ community; the Pride on the Water Cocktail Cruise; Pride Family Brunch; and a Pride & Remembrance Run, plus many more.

3. Mado in Madrid

Discover a gateway to diversity from June 28 to July 7 in Madrid. In the Chueca neighborhood and center of the city, being gay-friendly happens year-round. But freedom, inclusion and diversity are highlighted during pride week. Street celebrations scream “¡bienvenidos!” to people from all over the world while bringing the entire community together. Concerts are held in the open air across six stages, with parties, art and culture surrounding one of the biggest urban events in Europe.

4. Generations of Resistance in San Francisco

In the heart of downtown San Francisco, a two-day pride festival at the Civic Center Plaza brings the LGBTQ community together during the last weekend of June every year. Their mission is to educate the world, commemorate LGBTQ heritage, celebrate LGBTQ culture and liberate people. On June 29 and 30, the city celebrates pride with over 20 stages and venues designed by the community, a colorful parade and over 200 exhibitors and food vendors. Visit the Soul of Pride Stage, Women’s Stage, the Our Family Coalition LGBTQ Family Garden and so much more!

5. Amsterdam Gay Pride

Amsterdam isn’t like anywhere else in the world. For instance, it continues to be a hot spot for love ever since back in the early 2000s, when the Netherlands became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage. Ahead of the game when it comes to human rights, but behind when it comes to celebrating pride. However, the wait until July 27 to Aug. 4 is very worth it. On Aug. 3, colorful and quirky floats and boats are decorated to sail through the canals for the 24th annual Canal parade. The theme for this year is “Remember the past, create the future,” commemorating the Stonewall riots.

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