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What Type of Traveler Can Benefit from Using a Travel Advisor?

Travel insights from Taylor Coulson, contributing editor of The Compass

Travel advisors are a secret weapon in leisure travel. In an age when you have too many options (Which website should you use? Where should you go? Where should you stay? How should you get there? And so on…), a travel advisor is your best resource to cut through the noise and help you get what you really want. The problem though, is that you may not know what a travel advisor even is. Or why you should use one. It all comes down to the fact that traveling is exciting, but the planning for traveling can be time-consuming, complicated and sometimes beyond stressful. So, why wouldn’t you phone a friend, aka your travel advisor, in order to have the best experience possible?

What is a Travel Advisor?

A travel advisor, travel agent or travel professional uses their knowledge, expertise and resources to craft vacations for their clients, who are travelers just like you. They’re a go-to person when a traveler wants to immerse themselves in unfamiliar places (and familiar ones), connect with the world and do so with offers and pricing that are sometimes only available through travel advisors. Travel advisors are experts in hospitality around the world, with many focusing on specific niches like destination weddings, group travel and multi-generational/family travel.

Why Would You Use a Travel Advisor?

There is a plethora of reasons you could use a travel advisor. If you’re booking a vacation somewhere for the first time or going on a once-in-a-lifetime trip, a travel advisor is going to be by your side from beginning to the end. They’re passionate about sharing as much of the world as possible with you, plus they know the ins and outs of undiscovered and exclusive destinations, dining experiences and excursions on land and sea. Additionally, they’re there to manage everything during the booking process while finding the best options and offers out there with your preferences in mind. Whether that’s special assistance from the airline, a particular room amenity, a resort than can accommodate a large group, a budget hotel that’s close to the beach or ensuring that the resort can handle a certain dietary restriction, a travel advisor is able to take care of these things for you.

Travel advisors are available to answer questions, concerns and issues that may arise before, during or after you travel. If something unfortunately goes wrong with the airline, hotel or activity, they can turn your experience around. They’ve got connections to professional travel tools, people and businesses all over the world for that reason that you as a traveler may not have.

Who Could Benefit the Most from Using a Travel Advisor?

Honestly, all travelers could benefit from using an advisor. As a traveler, all you need to do is tell them where you want to go, when you want to go, what you want to do, your travel style and your budget. Seriously – that’s it. Here are some specific types of travelers who would especially benefit from using an advisor:

Single parents – Their lives are generally very busy, but that doesn’t mean they should skip out on a vacation. Plus an advisor is there to do everything for them!

Couples who want a destination wedding – Why would you even try to do this on your own? Hire a professional (because they may be able to save you some money!).

Very busy people – Because it could literally just take one email to an advisor in order for them to plan an entire vacation for you.

Travelers with complicated itineraries – Visiting multiple European countries or island-hopping in Hawaii or the Caribbean can be tricky to do on your own. Again, hire a professional to coordinate all of it for you.

Travelers with accessibility needs – If you have accessibility needs when traveling like a wheelchair- or scooter-accessible hotel room, strict dietary needs or sensory needs, your best advocate to ensuring a successful travel experience is a travel advisor, and many specialize in accessible travel.

Travelers heading to a new destination – When you’re visiting a new, far away destination like New Zealand, Thailand or China, a travel agent can help you know what to expect and, most importantly, what to pack.

Travelers with a language barrier – If you don’t speak the native language of the destination you're interested in, a travel advisor can arrange for a translator to guide you around in destination. Chances are signs, hotels and menus won’t be in your language so if anyone can arrange the help you may need, it’s a travel advisor.

Solo travelers for the first time – A travel professional prioritizes safety and security, so if it’s your first time solo traveling, a travel advisor can be a sort of safety net or even give you solo travel tips.

Those looking to build a relationship with their advisor so future trips can be planned easier every time – Most travel advisors speak from experience, so learning from them while they plan trip after trip is endless fun and easy to do.

If you’ve used a travel advisor, what did you find the most valuable from your experience? Tell us in the comments below.

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